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About Us

Cari Legere has been avidly reading whatever hits her eyes since the age of four. At eleven years old, she wrote and published her very first book The Mystery of the Missing Boat. Nowadays, she still loves to write stories, especially fantasy. She spends hours in her “dream world”, where she comes up with all sorts of new story ideas. Away from her fantasies, she is a busy homeschooled junior. Her favorite subjects are Language Arts and History and her favorite activities are reading, writing, and playing the piano. A native of Arizona, she enjoys sunshine 365 days a year. You can contact her at


When she’s not doing extra credit assignments for history class, Erin Hylands spends her time crocheting and reading. Naturally, she spends quite a lot of time reading the extra credit assignments for history, although she enjoys reading middle grade fantasy and classical literature. Ironically, her favorite people in history are the ones with tragic stories, including Mary, Queen of Scots, Anastasia Romanov, and Marie Antoinette. This might explain why she chose to write a tragedy on Mary, Queen of Scots in the style of William Shakespeare. Does anybody remember Julius Caesar, Romeo and Juliet, or Hamlet?

Rules for Writing the Poet

To quote one of the contributors Kent Handfield to the Poems, Prose and Verse anthology The Life of a Writer, “I am a poet, I just didn’t...

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